Phase IV Tactical Baton

Phase IV Tactical Baton System is one of the newest to the Law Enforcement and Security field.  The techniques desigened for Phase IV Baton is based on two factors, one is field training and operations and the second is updating the techniques for today.  You will never find a better baton system then this one. 

MEB & PR-24 Training

Monadnock Expandable Baton (MEB) Training Programs

The Monadnock Expandable Baton (MEB) Program consists of a Basic and Advanced Course. The Basic Course Certification Program is a 4-hour course dealing with the blocking and striking capabilities of the straight expandable baton. The Advanced Certification Program is an 8-hour course that follows the same curriculum as the Basic Program, but also teaches control and takedown techniques to mirror the two-prong philosophy of "Protect & Restrain".

Today, law enforcement agencies and officers must select the most humanely effective, appropriate and available non-compliant subject control equipment. They must also make the right choice in a training approach which best utilizes that equipment in a socially and legally acceptable (non-compliant) subject-control strategy. Monadnock provides the law enforcement community with a wide selection of expandable or rigid batons that can be used by officers to ward off an attack or aid them in restraining a non-compliant subject. However, a baton is only an artificial extension of an officer's body. Training links an officer's body and mind to the baton. Council training provides the best approach for linking a user to today's baton technology.