This one-day intensive course will teach you how to properly use your knife to defend yourself or a loved one. You will learn how to defend against multiple attackers, both armed and unarmed. PTTC edged weapons program is the leader in the industry because we focus on realistic techniques which will save your life when the adrenaline flows.

This one-day edged weapons course is currently the only knife-specific course offered at PTTC. Additionally, each of the PTTC Combat Self Defense courses (Levels I-V) integrate a variety or weapons into the training. Please see those specific course descriptions for additional details.



Lectures include the Color Code of Mental Awareness, how to avoid a potential fight, and the proper and justifiable use of force.

Hands-on exercises include:

  • Verbal challenges
  • Evasive movement
  • Tactically deploying your knife
  • Striking and alternative knife techniques
  • Using your knife as a retention tool
  • Defenses against threats and attacks from an armed assailant
  • Long range knife techniques
  • Scenario-based training
  • Choosing a knife




Equipment Required:

Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and athletic shoes. Depending on the season, you may need rain gear and layered clothing for warmth because some scenarios are conducted outdoors. If you own a tactical folding knife, please bring it. However, you are welcome to participate in the course using the training knives we provide.

Your knife training progression looks like this:

Level 1:
Introduction to Edged Weapons and Combat Stress Knife “Quick Draw” Module

Level 2:
The Saber Slash Module and Dueling

Level 3:
The Reverse Grip Slash Module

Level 4:
The Hacking Module and Combat Module

Level 5:
The Reverse Grip Stabbing Module

Level 6:
The Saber Grip Stabbing Module

Level 7:
Striking Module and Passing Module

Level 8:
“In the Clutches OF” Module” (much knife vs. knife ground fighting appears here)

Level 9:
Unarmed versus the Knife and The Counter-Crime Module
(Much unarmed vs. the knife ground fighting appears here)

Level 10:
Combat Scenario Testing.

Level 11 Knife Ground Fighting
Level 12 Stick and Knife
Level 13 Bowie and Big Knife Dueling
Level 14 Machete Combatives
Level 15 Master Instructor Test