All Instructors are Certified AS NRA LE Instructors.

Weapons Rental

Handguns:                                                  Rifle:                                      Shotgun:

Sig 229, 226                                           M 400, 556                                  12ga


Firearms Courses

Basic Beginner Firearms - This course covers the following areas:

1. Safe use of a firearm

2. Gun Control and Handling

3. Sight

4. Range Safety and Operation

5. Legal Aspects  


Equipment Needed

Shooting Glasses

Ear Protection

Hat w/ Brim

Cleaning Kits

Sack Lunch 


Course Time: 8hr


Classroom Time: 2hr


Range Time: 6hr


Ammo: 150 rounds


Fee: $ 90.00


Advance Firearms

Course Time: 16hr

Classroom Time: 2hr

Range Time: 14hr

Ammo: 800 rounds

Fee: $ 180.00


Basic Rifle / Shotgun

Course Time: 5hr

Classroom Time: 1hr

Range Time: 4hr

Ammo: 150 rounds

Fee: $ 90.00