Fugitive Recovery Tactical Training Manual


This manual is used to teach the students of the National Tactical Training Association Of Bail Enforcement Agents. This manual covers everything you will ever need to know in this field. This book covers tactical entry, firearms, history of bail enforcement just to name a few. You will never find a better training guide then this one. The N.T.T.A.B.E.A. has been instructing Bail Enforcement, Law Enforcement, Security and SRT teams for over 15 years and the instructors have over 20 plus years in the field. After you have read this manual, contact the N.T.T.A.B.E.A. to find out how to get your certification.

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ISBN 9781105929144

Copyright By:  Lee Vineyard / N.T.T.A.B.E.A. (Standard Copyright License)

Edition: Second

PublisherLee Vineyard

Published July 24, 2012

 Language: English


BindingPerfect-bound PaperbackInterior InkBlack & white

Weight 2.28 lbs.

Dimensions (inches) 8.5 wide x 11 tall

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