Quotes Lee Vineyard and staff have provided me with the best training I have encountered in the security/non-law enforcement arena. The instructors ability to balance their instruction and cater to each students' individual needs cannot be surpassed. The instructors do not just train to teach, they train how the fight, and ensure your ability to learn, retain instruction, and apply the instruction given . If you want a hands-down kick-ass training school, PTTC along with Redline training is the way to go. Prospects beware, just because you attend, and pay attention, does not guarantee you will pass their classes and receive your certification; that quality alone puts them above the rest! Thank you all for the good time, training, and new confidence I have in myself. I will see you guys soon! Quotes
Ryan Johnston
Recent Student

Quotes I have had many training courses over my 25 year career. I have to say that this is some of the best training I have ever gotten. Even better than some military courses. Quotes
Andre Zevola
Recent student

Quotes I have been interested in learning some basic firearm training for a while. My friend told me about the classes at P.T.T.C. and when the day of the class came around it started off slow with firearms, range safety, and firearms cleaning but got fun very quickly when we got to the shooting range. even though the weather was snowy and cold it was a lot of fun to learn the right way to hold and shoot a gun. i got to see some tactical training and shooing an exploding target. i will be going back for futher training for sure!!! Quotes

Quotes I recently completed firearms training with PTTC and I also took part in a tactical shooting class. I have been born and raised around guns my entire life, as well as have been shooting for many years....I thought I was a pretty good shot until I took both of these training classes. I can honestly say that the training that I had before I took these classes was no where near what I expected. I realized that I was a good shot, but I now found a way to become an even better shot. I was talked to about controlling my breathing, relaxing, making every shot count with just a few breaths in between to maintain focus on your target. This firearms class I would recommend everyone take if they have a chance. This class in my opinion made me become more confident in my shooting, taught me how to relax, compose myself, and keep a better eye on my surroundings, and it finally taught me how to have fun but in a professional way. Quotes

Quotes I took my first 5 classes at PTTC. My instructor, Lee Vineyard, was an amazing instructor, he helped me when i didn't understand something. He always made sure that every student understood everything before moving on. If anyone (with or without previous training) wants a good, knowledgeable instructor, i would strongly recommend going to PTTC. I am very pleased with the classes and the instructors. Quotes
Kristen Hughes

Quotes Had an awesome time today with a great group of people. Qualified today then did some great tactical shooting with a great guy Lee Vineyard. Thank you for what you showed us and taught us today. If you guys want to learn how to shoot or even do some tactical stuff please hit Lee up. He has a fb page and you can go to his website which is linked to it. Had a very good time. Quotes
D. Clark
Housing Officer

Quotes The topics and aspects of the bouncer training gained from participation meet every part of my expectations. I look forward to learning more from our instructor and would recommend this course to all bouncers or club managers in this field. Thank you James Webster Quotes
James Webster

Quotes I'm a manager for a locial club/bar in Greentree PA, and I've been in this field for over ten years and never know thats there was more to being a bouncer then just carding at the door. I was in the July class and the knowledge and information gained from participation at this event met my expectations. Thank You Quotes
Stephanie Richards
Club/Bar Manager

Quotes I was in the July 6 Bouncer Course. The H2H and weapons training was very useful and the infomation was overwhelming. Thank you Quotes
Nightclub Bouncer

Quotes I have spent over 24 years training in one thing or another and in 2010 I went through the Specialize Fugitive Recovery Course that PTTC offers. I've been an agent for Ranger and Bankers and I've seen a lot of schools offering BEA training. But no ones training was as detailed as their's. If anyone is looking to join this field you need this course. Quotes
John Reed