Pennsylvania Tactical Training Center

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Knifes / Boots / BDUs / Tactical Gear / Holsters and more

                                   Doorman/Bouncer Training                               


Our Tactical Training Center is the answer to gaining the knowledge and training necessary to enter the exciting and expanding field of Law Enforcement, Security or Bail Enforcement.
Our proven curriculum is focused on the skills and techniques developed from actual instructors from Local, State, Federal and Military Agencies that have experience in the field, and structured to provide the graduate with the knowledge necessary to become an active member of the  Enforcement profession.

If you are seriously interested in entering the challenging and financially rewarding field of Law Enforcement, Security or Bail Enforcement and want Realistic Training from Actual Experienced, Active Professionals you are at the right school.
                    All Firearm Instructors are certified through the NRA
                                        Law Enforcement, Security and Civilian